Studia Theologica Transsylvaniensia 

Short Description

The Studia Theologica Transsylvaniensia (StThTr) is an academic journal covering all aspects of theology and related research areas. The journal is published twice a year (July and December) by the Roman Catholic Theological Institute of Alba Iulia and the Roman-Catholic Faculty of Theology (Department of Pastoral Theology) at the University of Babeș–Bolyai (UBB).

ISSN: 1582-0661

DOI: 10.52258/STTHTR

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Founded in 2000 by S.E.R. Kerekes László and Marton József, the StThTr features original articles addressing theology and religion written in Hungarian, accompanied by abstracts in English or another international language. However, the editorial board also welcomes contributions in English, German, or Italian.

The journal comprises four sections:

  1. Studies: original research articles by established scholars;

  2. Workshop: high-quality essays by young researchers (postgraduate and PhD students);

  3. Sources: primary source documents relevant in Transylvanian church history;

  4. Book reviews. 

The aim of the journal is to provide interdisciplinary exchange, promoting academic research on theology and religion in Hungarian-speaking countries.

Submission guidelines

Manuscripts of articles and book reviews are to be sent to the editors at:

Editorial board



Associate editor:


“Workshop”-section editors:

  • JONICA Xénia (University of Babeș–Bolyai – Religion, Culture, Society Doctoral School, Cluj-Napoca)

  • OBERMÁJER Ervin (University of Babeș–Bolyai – Doctoral School, Cluj-Napoca)

Editorial board:

  • ANDRÁS István (University of Babeș–Bolyai, Alba Iulia)

  • CZAPKÓ Mihály (Theological College of Eger)

  • ECSEDY Judit (National Széchényi Library, Budapest)

  • HOLLÓ László (University of Babeș–Bolyai, Cluj-Napoca)

  • KOVÁCS F. Zsolt (Roman Catholic Diocese of Oradea)

  • LUKÁCS Imre-Róbert (University of Babeș–Bolyai, Alba Iulia)

  • OLÁH Zoltán (University of Babeș–Bolyai, Alba Iulia)

  • PATSCH Ferenc SJ (Pontifical University Gregoriana, Rome)

  • VIK János (University of Babeș–Bolyai, Cluj-Napoca)

International advisory board:

  • DOBOS András (St. Athanasius Greek Catholic Theological Institute, Nyíregyháza)

  • MADAS Edit (Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest)

  • MARTOS Levente Balázs (Pázmány Péter Catholic University, Budapest)

  • PÁKOZDI István (Praeconia, Budapest)

  • PUSKÁS Attila (Pázmány Péter Catholic University, Budapest)

  • Franz SEDLMEIER (University of Augsburg)

  • Peter SCHALLENBERG (Theological Faculty of Paderborn)

  • SZALAY Mátyás (Edith Stein Institute of Philosophy, Granada)

  • TÓTH Beáta (Sapientia College of Theology, Budapest)

  • TÖRÖK Csaba (Pázmány Péter Catholic University, Budapest)

  • VIZKELETY András (Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest)




Layout editor:

  • CZIRMAY Ágnes


ONLINE: The issues of the journal (from 2008) are online available at the Central and Eastern European Online Library (CEEOL)

PRINT version available from Szent István Társulat (Budapest) or Verbum (Cluj Napoca)

Roman Catholic Theological Institute of Alba Iulia & Department of Pastoral Theology (UBB)

RO – 510009 Alba Iulia

Str. Gabriel Bethlen, Nr. 3



Publishing house

Szent István Társulat (Budapest) & Verbum (Cluj Napoca)